We help women leave conflicted and abusive relationships safely, and support mothers to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children after separation and divorce.

We also:

  • work to raise awareness of the issues women face through separation and divorce
  • campaign for safe and fair divorce law for women and children

Maypole is the only dedicated UK charity supporting women, and their children, before, during and after separation and divorce. We are run mainly by volunteers.

If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned on this site, or have ideas to improve things for women and children please contact us.

We may not be able to reply personally, but your views could contribute to our resources and campaigning.

Please also consider joining in our campaigns or making a donation to help our work.

Thank you.

Free checklists

Help you plan, protect yourself, and negotiate finances, child care etc.

Information Leaflets 

providing evidence to support your views through break up and divorce.

"Thank you for your incredibly helpful resources. Your leaflets have helped me plan for an intense court hearing and present my case clearly". Nicola